Make a Wish on a Hansen's Cake

Don't make your birthday wish on a basic birthday cake, make it on an extraordinary cake. 


Make your birthday an unforgettable one with a special cake made from Hansen's Cakes. 


​Our Hansen's Cakes Birthday Cakes are desired for the great flavors that we put in our cakes, but our birthday cakes are famous for the unique creations that we bring to life.

Rich and Famous Never Tasted So Good 

Custom Cakes Out of This World

When you order a cake from Hansen's Cakes you will get a work of art created by our talented team of decorators and cake artists. 

You can choose to have your cake from our options such as, a free standing pipe on cake, a pipe on, a flat cut out, scenery cake, portrait cake, and our standard cake.

For custom cake orders please email us at

Los Angeles
Tel: 323-936-4332
Tel: 818-708-1208
Beverly Hills
Tel: 310-273-3759

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